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Interested in Tokyo Tempura Franchising?

Type of Franchise Offered:
  1. Standard Franchise

Franchise Packages:


Standard Cart Package

    2. No Cart Package

  • ₱399,999 (VAT Inclusive)

  • For locations with specific cart design requirements

    1. Standard Cart Package

  • ₱499,999 (VAT Inclusive)​

Package Inclusions:
  1. Franchise Fee

  2. Cart / Kiosk

  3. Small Wares & Equipment

  4. Training

  5. Initial Stocks

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the documents to submit to be a franchisee?
  • CV / Resume

  • Letter of Intent

  • Franchise Application Form


How long is the ROI?
  • ROI will depend on the location, foot traffic, and target market.

  • On average, 6 months based on Tokyo Tempura franchisees’ records.


Terms of Contract?
  • Standard Franchise Package: 3 years

  • Renewable for another 3 years, Renewal fee ₱50,000.


Any other charges after paying the franchise fee?
  • Aside from the Monthly Service fee, we do not charge anything anymore.


What is a Monthly Service Fee?
  • This is our version of royalty fee but it is a fixed monthly cost. 

  • This also includes the cost of having our operations supervisor audit and check if your stores are producing products up to company standards and if your sales match your inventory. 

  • Monthly Service fee is ₱5,000 / month.


Who will be the contractor for store renovations / construction?
  • Franchisees are allowed to get their own contractor but the design will come from us and it must be followed.


Can I get more than 1 franchise initially? 
  • Yes, but we don't encourage it because we want you to ROI first before getting another one.


Who will process the government permits?
  • C/O of franchisee.

  • If you want, we have a 3rd party agency who can help you with the permits in which you will pay directly to them.


Do you secure the location?
  • No, but we do suggest feasible locations.

  • Franchisees are allowed to choose their location and we can conduct a feasibility study of the location.


Do you provide the staff?
  • No. It is the franchisee who will hire their staff.


Crew / Staff Training?
  • Before the pandemic, it was 5 days (1 day in the office, 4 days in the training store). During the pandemic, training will be done online with 1 day of face-to-face training in your store.


Where are we going to get the supplies?
  • Main products (shrimp, batter mix, sauces, glazes, and packaging) will be repurchased from the franchisor.


Do you deliver the stocks to your franchisees?
  • No. It is for pick up only, either personally or by 3rd party delivery service.


Zoning Policy?
  • 500 meters away from the existing branch or store.

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For franchise inquiries, you may contact us and email the following files to
  1. Letter of Intent

  2. Curriculum Vitae with Character Reference

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