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About Us

Our Story

Tokyo Tempura  was created out of the need to make tempura affordable and available. Having encountered long lines in buffet dining restaurants, where people queue up for the most coveted shrimp tempura, we felt it opportune to democratize tempura making more people happy with all kinds of tempura made available almost anywhere at an affordable price.

Tokyo Tempura started as a food cart business in 2012.  Its first cart opened on October 1, 2012 in Sta. Lucia East Mall, branching out to major malls and food parks where it became known for being the “murang tempura”. Tokyo Tempura spread exponentially outside of Metro Manila into Central and Northern Luzon, and the Visayas by 2015. To-date, Tokyo Tempura is found in key cities nationwide.

Tokyo Tempura prides itself in innovation and experience. It revolutionized tempura batter attuned to the Filipino taste, maintaining its crisp quality for an extended time to c after to the mall-going public. Its tempura recipe is a coveted secret  that provides a distinct aroma and flavor to the product. Backed up by over 30 years of food industry know-how, Tokyo Tempura's proponents are pioneers of the food cart industry and know anything and everything about the business of food for which it was granted the Agora Award for Small Business Excellence in 2017.

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